Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chasing the Climber Medal

Its easy to set up new account and play. But did you know how to get a high population after you set up the accounts? Different person play with different style. But for me, this style works fine enough(at least,for me ;p )

Note that this guide is more to roman strategy and maybe not suitable for other races,since almost all of my server i've play were romans.

#1: Timing
Bear in mind if you want to get climber of the week's medal or ribbon, you better start activate your account in monday at 00:00..but for me its better to start a lil hour late,about 2am to 3am in the morning since there are lots of people who start at 00:00, why?? This will give you a little advantage in the next few day's. how?? after some times,you will noticed that your population is same with your rival,but you can get the higher ranking based on time you registered.

#2: Choose For Task

After you set up with new account and activate it, you can start play travian.
At the beginning, you will be given choices either you want to play with task or without the task. Its better you choose play with task because you can get enough resources to up your ranks. If you choose without task,the resource will be distribute in the same amount but given within the time interval.

#3: Know what you do.
You better know the task before they give the quest. You can view all the task here This will give you some advantage. For example
at the task #8, the 'senator' will ask you to wait for the 'huge army' and upgrade anything you want in that time. At this point,dont upgrade anything else beside the resources field to level 1. This is because at the task #9, the 'senator' will ask you to upgrade all resources field to level 1.
if you do something else with your resources, you will ruin by waiting for the resource and decrease your chance to get the climber medal.

#4: Attack!

You can stop at task #21 if you wanted since there's lots of times needed to construct all field to level 2. If you play roman or teutons,you can start train your army and rob the village to increase your resource. As if you play gauls,its better you to think twice since the phalanx attack points is very weak. I cant give a lot of comment of gaul since i dont have much experience on that.
please dont attack with 1 army,,its just like throwing your army legion wouldn't survive even they have no troops or wall.

know your enemy.make friend with active player around 7*7..

p/s: i'll give you the questmaster@list of task in the next post..


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peh power..mana cara2 nk jd pemenjat mingguan..hehe

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hehe.nti aku post la bnde2 yg pelik2 lg.baru start ni.hehe.

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