Monday, December 27, 2010

How to : Remove Error on Travian Beyond at T4 server.

this is the error.
If you have played the new T4 server, in a Firefox browser, that are installed with Travian Beyond script in it, you will find the outcome of the interface in the T4 server will slightly changed and this can effect your mood to play it.

to fix this, simply right click your GreaseMonkey icon at the bottom left of your firefox browser and choose manage user script.

just click here
make sure at no-1 you are clicking at the right script(travian beyond for ex)
at the exclude pages,,click add
follow the steps.
and then write this stuff
just copy this.
the 'ts' is because you play at the ts server. if you play at the normal 's'  or 'speed' server, travian beyond still will include it.

click OK and you're DONE!

Now refresh your browser.

No more error.

Thats all folks.

p/s - You also can do this to all script that are incompatible with the new Travian T4.
p/p/s - I still finding any script that can be use for travian T4. where can I find it. anyone want to share?


Stifler said...

how do u get working travian beyond on T4 ???

amroll said...

No, this is not t4 script..its just if you play t3.6 with travian beyond and play travian t4, you will see this error..i still didnt look up for any travian t4 script.

Anonymous said...

there is similar script for T4:

amroll said...

thx 4 info

anailui said...

What version of Firefox do you have? Because for me, when clicking on use scripts, it doesn't show the same thing

amroll said...

im using firefox 3.6.what does it shows to you?

Kho said...

any autotask or task queue for T4? i searched userscripts but none work.

Anonymous said...

hey guys where can i download this script? userscripts dead 5-6 days ago.... help me please!

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