Saturday, March 5, 2011

Change Proxy for Your FireFox So MultiHunter Cannot Detect You. Play Multiple Account with Script.

Wow, its a long time since my last post. I'm really busy with my study now, I've stop played travian too. But since i see there's lots of visitor that come in here everyday I still want to share something that i think you should know. OK, lets start.

If you want to play a multi account in your travian, you should know about how to change your proxy,, I've tell you how the proxy works, and I give the lame solution there by using the proxy server websites. Actually it is not so good idea if you use proxy server site like i told you in my old post,,one of the reason it is so slow, and second, there are many advertisement in that site. So today i want to teach you about how to change the proxy in your best browser for travian game, FireFox.

So what you need to do is simple, just go to any proxy IPs provider such as or, it contains lots and lots of working proxies that can you use to play multiple account in Travian without being detected by MultiHunter. What you need to know about the proxy provided here is they have lots of ty[e of proxy such as distorting, transparent, not transparent, and so on and the best choice that you should use is Anonymous proxy,, the anonymous proxy is very secure because its hard to trace you are using proxy or not. Some type of the proxy is not very good because its not cover your identity perfectly.

To apply your proxy for your firefox browser is simple, just click tools>options>advance>network>  then click the setting for the connection to the internet.

Lets take the example from the picture above, the ip address is and the port number is 8080,, sometimes in other proxy provider write in the form of . Its just the same. Copy the ip address and remember the port number and go to,
tools>options>advance>network>connection setting

a window for connection setting will appear,, just copy the ip address and the port number like a do in picture below, you should check the "use this proxy server for all protocol" so means you will use the proxy in everything you do in your firefox.

Now click OK and you are on the proxy,,you can check whether your proxy is working or not by checking it at the IP test website for example .So this is what I've got after change the proxy.

Before using proxy

After using proxy.

The best thing after using this way to proxy is you can use your greasemonkey and Travian Beyond. If you have read my previous post about making multiple profile for your firefox browser(they are 2 divided to 2 parts: part 1 & part 2), you also can use each profile with their own proxies.

This cheats are universal, you can use it whether you play T3 travian or T4 travian. So have fun and good luck. Any problem you can put in the comments. Thanks for viewing!


Anonymous said...

Hallo, can i ask you about when i use server with HTTP Protocol and check my IP and location is like on the picture ...but when i use server with HTTPS Protocol and check on the sait i see my real location ,ip, Internet provider just on the first row Your Proxy: [City: Medell�n] so Am i still anonymous when use HTTPS

Anonymous said...

Your Ip Address is:
Proxy Detected:
This is at
Now my question is, am I secure or not? Would MH trace me? I sure hope that after 2 years wou would read this post, indeed a great help!

PS: Sorry for anonymous but was faster this way.

amroll said...

as long yr proxy is none,n/a, or unknown when you check with whatsmyip,,u r safe to go.thats why when choosing proxy u better make sure that it is anonymous.more secure

Martin said...

Use My Location to check if the proxy is really anonymous. You will be surprised.

canilecanan said...

Sorry me again.
I couldn't understand what to do to play with multiple accounts without getting detected.

I don't play with scripts, I mean I don't use automatşc programs like greasemonkey etc.

What should I do?

Should I create a new profile on Firefox and two icons on desktop?

Or just this proxy information is enough, just do it Anonymous and no problem??.. (Can I play my real and multi accounts on Anonymous IP? Or should I have to change it before opening my real account?)

Please help. Thanks.

amroll said...

sorry didnt answer you,,I teach you new tricks,if you want to play multiple acc,,just install two profile of firefox and then you add script called anonymoX in your firefox for your dupe,,this will give your browser a static ip of other country and works really great,,you can turn off your pc and once you open again,the ip still there...
I dont have time to update my blog lately because too busy now.

Julia David said...

I really appreciate this blog and I will sure promote this blog to others in my circle.
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Gabriel said...

Your blog is awesome.. you have to update, I'll use several tricks that I learned with you in the near Travian br6.You could make a tutorial that learn how to develop and how to be a good player in normal servers...

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