Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fastest Way to Open 2nd and Third Village.

So you have learned about how to use proxy tools, and you also have learned on how to apply 10 minutes mail in travian in my previous post. So now i want to give guide how to implement this cheats on how to open new village faster. Basically these cheats can get you banned but it I have try to minimize the possibility for you to get caught by multihunter.

All you need to do is grow your village as fast as you can, if you playing 'simcity' style its hard to wait for new resource. And it will get harder if you wait to make 3 settler and new villages.

What you need to do now is make new account using proxy and 10 minutes email. make about 3 or 4 account from it, multihunter wont detect it if you using proxy. Make sure you choose the gaul as the tribe and place your 'ghost' at your main account region.

In the new account, you don't have to choose to do the task, just choose to play without task. By choosing to play without following task, you will get free gold and the resource are given by time. You just need to fetch it by clicking at the 'senator' at the right. So the first things you have to do with the resource is to make marketplace in that village(main building level 3, granary level 1, warehouse level 1) and then wait for the resource. After get the resource just use the gold to npc the resources to one type and send the resource to your main account. Don't forget to delete all the reports because that is one of the evidence that you are cheating. After all the gold have been used just delete the account and the evidence will lost.

You can use this trick when you want to grow faster than others without having much problem or losses such your troops get killed and can save up your time for something better.

from this view, you will knew that total resources that are given are around 800 per the gaul tribe is the best to used and it can save a lot of time since the trader are fastest compared to others.

p/s : Please note if you doing this multihunter can detect you but all you need to do is do it slowly,dont too fast. even if multihunter have catch you, you just write a apologize letter and you will get free in 3 days with some fine, But seriously you still have the benefits from it compare to others.

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