Friday, December 24, 2010

Why use travian beyond? 10 reason for scripting.

Travian Beyond is a very good script and a must have script if you wish to play Travian better than others. What you need to have is mozilla firefox version 3.6, and greasemonkey script. I believe that most of the Travianist already habitual to this script.

But if you don't, I have 10 reasons that i said Travian Beyond is a must have script. Scripting in travian actually is a illegal but Multihunter will never detect you if you use travian beyond because it is totally in your pc and will not associate to the travian server. there are no prove can be shown by Multihunter if you use it.
(click the picture for actual size)

1 - Extra Toolbar - Direct to your barrack!
More toolbar so you can get direct to barrack, stable, armory and many more.

2 - Npc Timer and Calculator - when oh when?

This is a great feature who want to grow fast by using gold.

3 - Direct Link for igm at Each Username - less clicking
Faster and better way to igm anyone in game.

4 - Notepad on Browser - a travian plus feature for no price
You not always have pen in your hand, so write my link on your notepad.

5 - Bookmark for Faster Linking - where's my multi's village?
this bookmark is for in game use. just add the tail travian link to the url to get the bookmark working.

6 - Popped in Read igm/reports - no more open and close new tabs!
this will make your life easier if you have too many reports.

7 - Simplified Map - better than normal map
just hover your mouse at the map, the script will flash for you what type of village you just cross.

8 - Statistic Search - less hasle
now you dont need to go to statistic, its all at the main page.

9 - Computing Faster at Merchant - throw your calculator away
CFR one hour?just click 1h icon. Not balance resource?send them to your destination by percentage by clicking the % icon.

10 - Flexibility - show what you need only.
control what you want to have in the page here.

So what are you waiting for? grab the script here. Don't forget to get the greasemonkey too.


arab said...

mcmana nk start guna travian beyond nih?
saya dh dwnld firefox & grease monkey...
scrip pn dh ok...
tp nk start xtau..hehhh..

amroll said...

xtau cmane eh?at least kalau dah masuk greasemonkey tu nanti dia akan kluar gak icon2 yg memudahkan game tu.firefox guna yg version 3.6 keatas.cuba elakkn guna firefox beta sebab xsure dia compatible ke x.

Anonymous said...

Bro, pernah pakai tak mende alah ni --->

Guwe tak reti la camana nak pakai tu.. Kalu Bro buleh masuk dalam entry blog ni pun cun nih.. ;0

corem2u said...

peh ramai peminat rupanya..haha

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